Saturday, August 11, 2012

GBE2 Week #64: Hidden

WEEK #64 (8-5-12 to 8-11-12): Hidden

When I was in elementary school, I decided to be a pacifist. I would only ever attack someone if they attacked me first.

It's been working well for me, but I must admit it certain situations make it really hard for me not to open a can off whoop-ass.

Especially when I'm on a plane, or a waiting room and on a bus; basically any form of public transportation. I try to hide behind my book or magazine or try to look out my window the whole time. I try to hide myself from any fiasco that starts up, unless a good friend or family member is getting problems; then it's time to unleash the beast.

Another thing about me that I try to keep as hidden as much as I can is the fact that I am a Wiccan. My dad says he doesn't want me doing incantations, but I do them anyway while my parents aren't around. Nothing I do is evil, of course, because the first rule of Wicca is harm not, or it will come back to you three fold. I do not use any incantations or chants in a negative way. It's more like "Ok I need to cleanse the evil energy that's built up in my house and I need to get as much of it out as I can. So I'll burn some sage and wander around the house until every room has been cleansed.

I haven't started collecting candles and what not, because I'd have to keep them under lock and key. I guess I'll have to get a trunk for it. well, we do have storage bins I could hide.

I just want my craft to emanate calm, compassion, and comfort, since there is more than enough bad vibes out there already.

I'll probably start looking online for things I can start collecting,

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  1. Hello, nice to meet you and read your article. I enjoyed reading the contents and meeting you and who you are. I will read more of yours also now I have to finished sending off mine for others to read as well. I hope you enjoy it. Sondra

  2. It sounds like you may need your own space if the people around you aren't supportive (even if they are your parents). Where do you even get sage? I definitely want to clean my house literally and then cleanse my house with sage.

    Also, hello found you though GBE :)

    1. Sage is a herb to flavor poultry and you can get some at a grocery store. but it is also used in Wicca as a means to purify and cleanse. I don't use a bundle a sage and burn it in a metal bowl, and blow the fire out and let the smoke cleanse the area I'm in. That's called smudging

      Here's more about cleansing and purifying a room:

    2. Almost forgot: I do have a room to do my encantatons and what not. My dad doesn't like it but he'll have to tolerate it. The room is far away enough from his bedroom and the living room that he probably can't even hear anything going on.

  3. sage? what does sage do??? If it smells good..sounds like a GREAT idea..i my spirit flute...and LOVE IT and if you love who you are in the spirit of what you know is precious and pure...why question "the others" but if you , knock, heck when your read the teacher comes.

    1. lol......heck..when "YOU'RE READY" the teacher comes..

    2. when you light it on fire then blow it out, it keeps burning, kind of like incense. It is used to cleanse and purify a space.