Sunday, June 15, 2014

The First Time Urinal Cake Got PISSED*** At Me

***Pun intended.

The Reason I am DONE with Urinal Cake.

Back in 2012:

The first time Urinal Cake posted my info, she clearly encourages her fans to locate me and post publically where I live so I can be "exposed" because I allegedly posted all of her personal information.

Here's what really happened: Urinal Cake was stalking The Rot Spot constantly and saw that I usually make fun of or tell the truth about her.  There are no laws in America saying I can't make fun of you, Lil' Miss Freedom of Speech Advocate.  My info was posted as retaliation for something I DID NOT DO.

The only thing close to me posting your personal info is when I reposted the address to where your "everything's a dollar" garage sale was located that YOU gave out PUBLICLY and quite often, because you were moving to your new mansion  condo because you were too broke to keep up with payments of "stupid stalkers".  I have never once wasted minutes of my life making multiple profiles in order to harass you.  You block me, you block me.  I have been in the chat rooms of your dating site and blog talk radio shows, and I don't start fights every single time I'm in a situation where I can directly talk to your fans or you.  I don't pull that 4chan bullshit, not on you, not on anyone.   Don't I deserve even a LITTLE respect for that???

You can find out more at:

"Since they love to attack me and post up all of my personal information, it's only fair I point out the fact that these criminals who work for the "OTHERS" and are getting paid to cyber bully everyone...As for those of you who have access to track down these people's IP addresses and locate them, by all means do so and email me the info or as a matter of fact, post them on the net to expose them!"

Now Urinal Cake fucked herself BIG TIME with her latest rants and betrayals, and she is trying desperately to draw attention away from the really shitty things she has done in the past few months and will hop on ANY opportunity to be the victim and put the heat off of her and onto somebody else.  You can read about it here:

June 2014: Why all bets are off:

If you haven't already, you can read about her recent and 2nd time posting my info, only this time a minion went and found all my info through one of my domains on GoDaddy:

Which lead to this:

Oh, Urinal Cake, it's all a game to YOU, because every threat you've hurled my way for the past two years have been nothing more than stone-cold internet BLUFFS.

This might shock some of you, but if you want to know about a REAL celebrity cyberbully, look no further than the author of the YA series, The Mortal Instruments