Friday, June 13, 2014

#THOTLERS and Oh yeah, and there'll be a "Goonies" sequel. 0_0

This one of the trending topics on Twitter today.  #Goonies and #NOOOOOOOOOO NOT A THOTLER. This is why heart disease is the number one killer of women....a mom could have a STROKE watching this, even if it isn't their child!

THOT= That Hoe Over There

THOTLER= a THOT in training

And the THOTLER's are getting younger and younger.  Soon it won't be "Damn, that 's the
 hottest 12 year old girl I've ever seen!" coming out of the mouths of leering, smecking perverts, but "MAKE IT RAIN MAKE IT RAIN MAKE IT RAIN!!!!" from Leering, Smecking Pervert Jr. at recess.


Really funny THOTLER parody:

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