Thursday, July 10, 2014

A moment of realization is worth a 1,000 prayers.

Since 2009, I have felt like the girl who was tied up in "House of a 1000 Corpses" and was forced to listen to Otis talk about how much her friend Bill was such a muse for him, and how honored she should be to be the first witness of Otis's big art reveal, after a long period of no inspiration.  

I felt like Mia Farrow, sitting at the dinner table with her husband, the fire crackling in the background, the romantic lighting, the candles......


"No, don't let her in!"

Husband finally shooes away a pesky neighbor.  Rosemary breathes a sigh of relief.  The neighbor had kindly made the couple dessert: chocolate mousse.

Rosemary tells her husband she was afraid the neighbor was going to come in and talk her ear off all night, but hubby assures her she just wants them to try it: it's one of her specialities!  Rosemary feels a pang of guilt for making fun of her.  They start eating the mousse, and after a few bites, Rosemary notices the mouse has an undertaste.  A chocolate undertaste.  Hubby insists she's being silly and that there is no undertaste.  Rosemary insists otherwise.  Hubby bitches about how ungrateful Rosemary is for not liking the mousse.  She starts eating again.  Asks Hubby to turn the record over so she can stash as much of the mousse in her napkin until Hubby comes back.

"There Daddy: do I get a gold star?"

While Hubby's eyes are glued to the boob tube due to an important game or boxing match, I have no idea.,Rosemary ditches the rest of the mousse in the trash.  

What is this

funny feeling?

oh God, my head.

 spinning.  spinning faster.

I can't see straight......

every step


Hubby has to carry me to bed.  I didn't eat enough today.  Yes, Hubby, must be the booze....

baby.   We have to make a baby......but everything is slipping away............

just a nap......

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