Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gilmore Girls: Kirk can read lips

I watched A LOT of "Gilmore Girls" when Lexi was a baby/toddler.  To this day, if she hears the theme song she starts dancing  It's my all-time favorite family friendly show, and even though I could have started watching it in high school, that doesn't bug me at all.  I'm just glad I started watching it before I got pregnant.  I decided I'm going to share my favorite "Gilmore Girls" clips to prove that if you just give yourself a chance to watch it, it's actually pretty damn funny and keeps up with parents as well as the young folk.  Almost every day I tuned in to ABC Family to watch it in syndication. I do the same with other shows, but that's a different topic.

A lot of Gilmore fans like Kirk, even though on the pilot he was just a guy who worked at a grocery store and then became another character that lived in Stars Hollow his whole life, including Miss Patty, who he reprimanded at the grocery store for eating store items and not paying.

Kirk = Sean Gunn:

 Lorelai  = Lauren Graham:

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