Friday, July 18, 2014

Girl Crush Series: #ellenpage

English: Ellen Page at Hollywood Life Magazine...
English: Ellen Page at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After I watched "Juno" for the first time, I started digging around the interwebs and came across some other films that she did before her big break in "Hard Candy".  I watched "Mouth to Mouth", a film about a collective called  S*P*A*R*K—Street People Armed with Radical Knowledge, which basically is about living off the grid.  The leader reminds you of Charles Manson at the word "go", and zeros in on disaffected and/or broken people who cannot spend another minute wandering around being depressed about not belonging anywhere. The collective morphs into a cult, at first subliminally, then overtly. Ellen had to shave her head for this movie, which is why it was so short in "Hard Candy". 

I also saw "The Tracey Fragments", which is about a girl who manages to hypnotize her little brother into thinking he is a dog.  Her brother runs away, and the film is about Tracy's journey to find not just her brother, but who she really is as a person, and the shenanigans she gets herself into in the process.

Of course you can't leave out the place she decided to "come out".  It was a very bold move to do so so publicly, but our society has come a long way in giving the GLBT community places where they feel their safe and can surround themselves with positive people in the same boat as they are.  I don't blame her at all for making sure SHE was the one who made that confession, and not letting it go to some dumbass who she's worked with do it a la "Grey's Anatomy".

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