Saturday, July 19, 2014

I have a huge crush on #jimcarrey

 I have had it ever since I was in 6th grade.  I've seen nearly every one of his movies (including tv movies) and every episode of "In Living Color".  I have seen almost every interview, and I while I know there's plenty of things that are web exclusive, I have not watched all of them in order to I suppose save them for a rainy day (I do that with a lot of entertainers I really like, due to my chronic fatigue syndrome so I have something to cheer me up when I start getting all pissy about not having any energy to play with my kid-luckily Lexi is perfectly happy to just bounce around on the porch or look out the window).

I would never want to date him, as I know that he has a bad track record as far as serious relationships go, and I just think he is the epitome of what I always look for in a "f**k buddy", to put it bluntly (I feel the same way about Olivia Munn, especially after watching "Magic Mike").  We'd have a blast not taking things seriously together, and I deal with the same battles with depression I know he goes through, it's hard for him to be in a committed relationship and I started abstaining almost three years ago (I'm not celibate, just going through a rather "asexual" phase, mostly due to the fact that I am on Prozac and it's done wonders for my moods but my sex life is non-existent, and Josh my vibrator doesn't count as a f**k buddy).  It's so hard to find a guy who understands, especially having a "special needs" kid, that my independence is the #1 thing in the aspects of my life that don't include Mini Me.

I digress.

I saw him in the movie "The Number 23" and HOLY SHIT did he look hot in it!  I recently saw that "Burt Wonderstone" flick and both films had him all ripped and the fake tattoos...I am a sucker for cute brown hair/brown eyed guys with tattoos, so I was just wanting to drag him to the nearest creek and wash my delicates on his abs!

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