Thursday, July 24, 2014

Youtube Challenges

I don't know about you, but I'd rather see my kid doing Youtube challenges than partying.  I would host Youtube challenges as a part of Lexi's birthday party or anyone else's who don't drink for that matter, because the beauty of them is that a lot of them are "alcohol optional" and can be totally straight-edge.  Those who are old enough to drink and chose to do so in their own or a friend's house while doing Youtube challenges don't have to feel like what they do isn't kid friendly, because there are plenty that are not dangerous and do not have to involve getting hammered. Granted, there are plenty of challenges that are really unpleasant, but they don't have to be dangerous (chubby bunny or anything that involves shoving too much food in your mouth could cause you to choke to death) in order to be funny (the baby food challenge being number one on the list).  There are also some really fun "tags", such as "My Boyfriend/Girlfriend Does My Makeup".

 Hell, even "You Deserve a Drink" can sometimes be re-routed into virgin beverages that give great sugar highs (frozen drinks, "girl drinks", mock-tails).  My daughter's favorite is the "Lexi Mimosa": seltzer and orange juice.

For example:

Cotton ball and petroleum jelly challenge:

The Hot Pepper Challenge (tip: WEAR GLOVES while you attempt this or any "hot pepper" challenge)
The AOTS hot sauce shots "mega dare"

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Does My Makeup:
"Try Not to Squeak"

Baby food:

Blindfold Makeup Challenge

3 minute makeup challenge:

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