Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Urinal Cake got caught in a lie!

The following entry is based on actual events.  

To get caught up with my "adventures" of monitoring a dangerous person who should be banned from the internet machine for life:

In January of this year, Urinal Cake had flown to Georgia and was picked up by a dude she met online, along with some of his family members.  She then spoke publicly of how much she loved her new man, that they're getting married, and then they got pregnant.  She claimed she was a new woman and was going to change her ways now that she is going to be a Mom.

Urinal Cake up and left him and waited until she was long gone from Georgia to accuse her baby daddy of being an "alleged" (like the quotation marks are the key to her not getting sued) serial killer who's "rape baby" she's carrying and protecting from him.  Apparently he was going to kill her if he didn't let him bust a nut well past her grimey beef curtains and knock her up.  She gushes about what an amazing human being she is for keeping her "rape baby" and not aborting it.  This is coming from a chick who has faked multiple pregnancies, btw.  Urinal Cake accuses her baby daddy of abusing his kids so much that they went coocoo for cocoa puffs and had to be institutionalized. 

 Her "harrowing escape" is really just a knock off of what Harriet Tubman went through during the underground railroad days. 

She then copies and pastes emails from her baby daddy showing how "insane" he is.  This is someone who had no problem what-so-ever with screencapping something that I said about her right after she read it, but no screenshots of these "alleged" emails he sent her?  

She had no problem going to "the sheriff" and reporting me for what I said and I was magically put under investigation right away, and waits to talk about her batshit crazy baby daddy for a little over a month.  I have yet to hear one peep from any "investigation" about me thus far.

Here's Urinal Cake's excuse for that:

Rook=Thomas the Baby Daddy

First her baby daddy's ex sister-in-law made an appearance on Urinal Cake's Facebook which automatically posts links of her website to her Facebook.  She warned Urinal Cake that she is involving children in her beef with her baby daddy (one of whom she threatened bodily harm to), but Urinal Cake did what it does best: not listen and try to continue being an "all bark and no bite" rly tuff attention whore.

So Thomas's ex step father realized that Urinal Cake wasn't shutting up, so he added his two cents plus another tree fiddy:

(This is what Urinal Cake said about his granddaughter, Thomas's daughter): 

And now THIS is Urinal Cake's story about Thomas's daughter, completely changing her tune:

to which he replied:

Suffice it to say: Urinal Cake can't afford to lose another lawsuit, and she'll always be just a tramp.