Thursday, January 20, 2011

Diet Days #2

I have apparently lost about five pounds since I started going to the gym, which is great. I hope to lose another 3 pounds by next Thursday.

Diet is going a lot better: I binged on a bag of Hershey's chocolates with almonds a few days ago and ate a few too many soft pretzels (I live right outside of Philly and I am ADDICTED to Philly soft pretzels. It's a sickness.).

I've been making sure to drink my green tea and I got a couple of composition books from my father and I'll be using them as my food diaries. So far I have stuck to the program today so that makes me feel good.

The problem with me is when that instant hits me that makes me want to put somebody's eye out for the craving that just slapped me in the face. I really really REALLY need to check myself before I wreck myself when it comes to food cravings. Then I won't have to worry about getting diabetes, because the way I've been feeling lately, I can tell it would definitely be in my future if I didn't step up to the plate.

The struggle is in maintaining your new schedule and the new weight that is the hardest part of all. Losing weight is nothing. It's maintaining that's the bitch.

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