Friday, January 21, 2011

Diet Days #3

I broke down and ate a whole king size Kit Kat bar for my before bed snack, which was stupid, but I really didn't do much damage to my caloric intake for yesterday which is good. I also had three servings of another Kit Kat bar as a part of my breakfast this morning. And I'm drinking my regular Carnation instant breakfast with skim milk. Oh, chocolate, I am your slave forever more.

I really don't want to beat myself up too much for going for whatever food I'm craving, but I'm really really trying to stick to correct portion sizes, which I have actually done a pretty good job memorizing (good trick for when you're at a restaurant or diner etc.), so wherever I eat I'm pretty sure of the calories I just had.

Lately I've been looking up whatever foods I eat or crave regularly online to see how much fat and calories it has. That way I can just refer to previous journal entries about how much I've eaten and drank.

I have a DVD called "living room yoga" that I got from my sis a few Christmas's ago, but it's rather advanced for me, so I just do whatever I can before I feel too overwhelmed.

I think today I'll be going to the gym rather early since the wind is so bitter cold today. I'm always looking forward to my workouts which is something I haven't felt in a long time.

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