Saturday, January 22, 2011

Diet Days #4

Ok, so I ate two huge slices of devil's food cake that I made. I didn't wreck my caloric intake that much which is good. I'll have something light for dinner and a snack if I need it.

I started drinking skim milk for the first time a couple weeks ago, and even though it is watery it isn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I need to add more salad into my diet; I might have one tonight if I have the proper veggies available.

The good thing about today is that I'm feeling that I don't want to binge as much as I used to. My medication can make you pack on some serious weight, but I'm not about to go down without a fight: I worked really hard to get my figure back after I had my daughter, so you can imagine I am not going to let a measly little pill wreck all that hard work I did.

Speaking of pregnancy; I think my biological clock has started ticking. I really want to have another kid all of a sudden. I want to meet a man and marry him and have another child. I'm 28 and I do not have a clue what my future holds, but sometimes it gets tiring: looking for the mate that is right for you.

I want to be able to move out of my parent's house and have a family of my own. I want it so bad.

Time will tell and I try my best to wait patiently for the right man to come along.

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