Saturday, January 22, 2011

Diet Days #4 1/2

I just got back from Acme. They had bagged spinach and salad mix for a buck a bag, so I stocked up. I found this interesting looking dark chocolate oatmeal for a buck a box. Loaded up on those. The rest of my arsenal is as follows:

~Activia yogurt with cereal


~microwavable one person serving bowls of brown rice

~whole wheat bread (with at least 3g of fiber, always make sure you get the bread with 3g of fiber in it)

~kellog's fiber granola bars

~v8 fusion juice/veggie blend

~green tea pouches

This will keep me content for a good while.

I'm really trying to change my pallet. Sometimes it feels like forever until I get that nice mellow satisfied feeling that I get from eating the right foods and drinking the right liquids. Zen, I suppose.

I really can't wait until I get my Ipod. I'm going cyber-window shopping for one tonight.

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