Sunday, August 19, 2012


GBE2: WEEK #66 (8-19-12 to 8-25-12): Snapshot

With this topic, I'm going to take advantage of the word "snapshot", and post some pictures!

1). Me!  I don't always take a good picture in my living room, the place this picture was taken.  The light is horrible!

2).  Lexi, also known as Mini Me, Bubba, Trixie McBimbo Jr. and McBimbo in training.  She has these gorgeous huge blue eyes with these unbelievably long black eyelashes.  Her eyes are so beautiful it's just sick!  She's starting kindergarden September 6th.  Big girl!

3. My parents, on their wedding day.  (August 30 1969).  I take after my mother mostly as far as looks go, but I have my dad's eyes and my Aunt Donna's nose.  My mom was pretty cute at 22, which is about the age she was in this photo.  I actually had my hair dyed the same strawberry blonde color for a while when I was 17.  I had looked through our family pics one day when I was that age, saw my mom and what like "Holy crap!  We could be sisters!"

3).  My sister Kelly and my nephew Nicky:

Kelly is my second mother and Nicky is the piece of my brother in law Steve that he left behind.  Steve died right before Christmas and Nicky's one year birthday a few years ago.  It was quite a shock to all who knew him and we all miss him every day.  Especially around the holidays.

4). Joanna

 Joanna (left) Me (right)

I wrote a blog about her here

5). Brent and Trish, the best married couple ever.  They are both silly and don't need brain altering chemicals in order to have fun.  It's important to have friends like that in your life, in my opinion.

6) Eric Brooks ( My best male cyber friend.  He spoils Mini Me and I and makes me laugh even when I really really don't want to.

7). Clayton Littlewood.  One of my favorite authors.  Incredibly talented.  We just started exchanging Christmas cards and I think I will get myself some stationary and have us be penpals! 

I believe that's all for now.  Hope you enjoyed it!  For those who are stopping by from GBE2, please leave a link to your blog in the comments!
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  1. I've always wanted Strawberry Blonde hair, its so pretty. Fun pictures, thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Awwww, I am so honored to be included in that wonderful bunch.

    Wow you do look like your mom!

  3. Really enjoyed seeing your pictures. Your daughter is adorable!


  4. i LOVED your snapshots on ...IN life..IN love and INSPIRATIONAL!

  5. Nicely done and that was fun!

  6. You certainly have a beautiful bunch of family and friends. :)


  7. Nice pics and you really do look like your mom. :)

  8. Love your snapshots. I had strawberry blonde hair when I was younger, and my younger daughter did, too, but we looked nowhere near as much alike as you and your mother.

    1. It's the same with my daughter and I; no way I could disown her ever lol

  9. I especially enjoyed the couple shot. There's just something about the sweet familiarity of that kiss...