Friday, June 20, 2014

Urinal Cake needs to PIPE THE F***K DOWN!!!

Real Talk:  I'm not a jaded person.  I still hold onto at least a little hope for everyone.  I truly hope Urinal Cake honestly wakes up and goes on a deleting spree NOW, for the sake of her kid, and I swear that on my own daughter's life that I'm being completely serious when I say that.

I am one cynical, caustic bitch, but I have a heart of gold.  I still have a part of me that never gives up hope and I make sure never to lose it because that would just be a complete nightmare to me.

I really thought that this pregnancy would be Urinal Cake's saving grace to not have to sexualize herself so much and have REAL class and dignity and not act like just another female Asian slab of meat that guys take one look at and can only think "pussy".  

This isn't slut-shaming.  I wrote and posted erotica in the first about three years of my kid's life, and then when it came time for her to go to school, I got rid of as much of what I posted as I could.  Some stories actually got so popular that I had to delete them not long after I had posted them so they couldn't go viral, so that is not what I have an issue with.

What I DO take issue with is that it looks like Urinal Cake is back to her old predator bullshit: grooming her underage fans by making them feel special because she responds to their comments, then winds up getting naked or rolling around in her bed in her underwear touching herself on Ustream, writing erotic fan fiction about Twilight, almost always wearing as little clothing as possible, posting an Exotic Sex Meditation and Out of Body Experience, going to a grocery store and having somebody take pictures of her standing next to a child wearing scraps of fabric that she calls a dress, going to a toy store with her nephew dressed like a hooker, etc.

 and not to mention:

Part of the original dirty version that proves Urinal Cake thinks it's OK to advocate unsafe sex, which is disgusting, because she has admitted on camera that she knows she has a lot of fans that are "just kids".

I hope Urinal Cake breaks her own cycle of bowing down to "raunch culture" like it's a religion and go back to the person she was when she first started modeling, when she didn't have to remind everyone every fifteen seconds that she's a "public figure", like how Nancy Grace has to remind everyone every fifteen seconds that she's a "former prosecuting attorney".  What's with her saying that all the time anyway?  I thought she was a "mogul", now she seems to have downgraded herself.

So, I suppose I'll wrap things up with another threatening message from a Urinal Cake minion.  

CHRIST dude: take a number!

Let's see...that makes one threatening message from me, and Urinal Cake has so far threatened: her baby daddy, his daughter, one of her friends, and the people who feel bad for her kid having to have a Mom like her, although there's some dramatic irony to that last one since Urinal Cake Jr. doesn't know he'll be helping his Mom beat up her retractors.  Me: 1  Urinal Cake: 4 (as of today).  As well as that being the fourth Urinal Cake minion to have threatened me  or compromised my safety thus far.